Practice AREAS

The Practice Areas listed below are intended to give our Potential Clients a reference to some of the areas of law our firm practice in.  As there are a broad range of sub categories to these areas of law, we encourage you to give our office a call to discuss your matter in detail to see if we can assist you.

  • The design, engineering and construction industry is a complex area involving skilled tradesmen, material suppliers, owners, developers, architects, engineers, labors and so many more with vast knowledge in their specialized field.  We have dealt with claims associated with ADA issues, design defects, construction defects, liens, failure to receive payment, building without a license, 558 claims and many other areas. We will work with you to understand your unique situation in efforts to determine the best approach to prosecute or defend your claim.  Whether it is a mechanic's lien or design defect; land variance or zoning issue; we are the team to assist you. 

  • The real estate market consist of many subdivisions including residential and commercial sales.  We have assisted foreign and domestic investors in acquiring property as well as hard money lenders to draft mortgage and notes. Our real estate team has handled litigation involving homeowner associations, condominium associations, title companies, breach of duty by real estate agents, foreclosure actions, evictions, ejectments, eminent domain, residential and commercial leases to name a few areas.  Feel free to call and see if we can assist you with your real estate matter.

  • We spend the majority of our life protecting and planning for the welfare of our love ones; but, in a lot of cases fail to plan for the care of our loved ones after we are gone.  We leave the burden of our expenses and the responsibility of distributing our assets among our surviving heirs.  A moment of planning can save a burden and headaches for our loved ones after we are gone.  If you need help planning your estate, drafting a will, power of attorney, living will or development of a trust; feel free to contact us.  We can even assist in the drafting of a Qualified Income Trust for those in need of medicare assistance.

  • We know when you started your business the furthest thing on your mind was being sued for some reason associated with your business. Unfortunately most business owners do not think to seek advice of legal counsel until they are served with a subpoena. Sometimes proper pre-planning can avoid litigation matters. Whether in the mist of being served with a lawsuit or looking to have a business contract drafted or reviewed, we can help.